Bobiwine reacts to Electoral Commission's ban.


Bobi Wine reacts to EC ban on physical campaigns  and election meetings in Kampala, Wakiso and other ten districts.

Reacting to EC ban, National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi said that  Mr. Museveni is afraid of his popularity in the listed districts some of which he has allegedly tried to block him from accessing for the last three years.

"In real sense, Gen. Museveni has tried everything humanly possible to block us from holding meetings in Kampala and Wakiso! This has been the pattern for the last three years.
The other districts are added here to sanitize their cowardly actions! The dictatorship is in panic.
They have been surprised by the massive enthusiasm and support we have received within all the parts of the country.
They just can't imagine what would happen if they allowed our people to meet in these areas. They are right to be very afraid!"he said.

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