Simi Pens Heartfelt Note To Adekunle Gold As She Announces Release Date Of Her New EP

Simi has nothing but gratitude to her husband Adekunle Gold has she announced the official release date of her new EP Restless. The singer took to her Instagram page to pen an heartfelt note to her husband thanking him for his love and support.

Adekunle Gold and SimiSimi described Adekunle Gold has her ride or die, who believed in her through everything and encouraged her to unlock her potentials. She revealed that Adekunle Gold named her newest project as well.

#SIMIARMY The time is almost upon us. This project that I put together, anxious, because of how different it is, excited, because of how different it is, curious, because of how different it is, but also grateful, because of how different I could be – IS ALMOST UPON US!

I dedicate #RestlessII to my husband and ride or die for a lifetime, Kunle. Without you, this project would literally have never existed. Thank you for pushing me to find the lock of my box and throw it away, so I could explore my potential. You told me to do this, you even named it. Thank you Moruf.
#SimiArmy, thank you for giving me the kind of confidence I needed to do this by constantly supporting me! To the @studiobratt Team – @oscarackah @vinpres @bellaadeleke @i.y.a.n.u.o.l.u.w.a You make this hustle so worth it. I love you. Cheers to greater heights family.
Thank you to @infraredplatoon for being the wind beneath our wings for this project. Thank you for not taking our trust for granted. Thank you God for being the gift that keeps on giving. Love you Pop. Deja I want to thank you too, but I was sick as heck and throwing up like a water hose when I was making this project, (because of you) – so I don’t know baby. Let daddy take this one. But I thank you for being the brightest light my heart has ever encountered. Oct 2 we dey wait you. #RestlessII

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