Pope Francis reveals what is worst than COVID-19

The Catholic Church Pontiff, Pope Francis, on Sunday, revealed what is worse than COVID-19.

Pope Francis disclosed that speaking ill of other people and spreading gossip was worse than COVID-19.

In his message at Saint Peters in Rome, the Pontiff said lamented that when people see someone making a mistake instead of correcting them, “the first thing we usually do is go and tell someone else about it. Gossip like this closes off the community.”

He also described Satan as the worst offender of all.

“The great gossip is Satan who always says bad things about people.

“Satan is a liar who seeks to divide the Church, to drive our brothers apart, so that they are no longer a community.

“Let us make an effort not to be gossips. Speaking ill of people is a plague worse than COVID-19,” the Pope said.

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