Lagos electrocuted footballer: IKEDC, family disagree over N50m compensation

Still grieving over the loss of their loved one, the family of Taiwo Akinlusi, the goalkeeper who was electrocuted to death by an exposed electric wire belonging to the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) in Ejigbo area of Lagos State returned home dejected after meeting with the company as both parties could not reach an agreement over the proposed N50 million compensation.

Their grouse was that IKEDC seem to be recanting its pledge to compensate the children and wife of the victim.

Naijarealnews : Reported that the electricity distribution company had earlier promised to pay N250,000 for the burial of the deceases which the family accepted but rejected the N1.5million offer as compensation for the upkeep of the children.

The company had told the family to re-present its requested compensation having rejected the N1.5million offered by the company.

Naijarealnews : The two parties met last week to discuss the compensation.

The chairman of the Community Development Committee, Ejigbo, Comrade Jelili Atiku led the family’s team while Engr. Obasanya led the IKEDC team.

The family was asked by the IKEDC to re-present their expectation.

Replying, the family said it proposed N50 million to be set up as annuity for the education of the children to the highest level possible and not necessarily as immediate cash.

The IKEDC team replied that the money was too much and upbraided the family to “have conscience”, adding that the amount the company had done in similar cases in the past was N1.5million.

The CDC chairman replied that the amount would be inadequate to cater for the education of the children left behind and encouraged the company to come up with a more considerate offer.

But the IKEDC team did not budge.

Sensing that the meeting was moving towards a deadlock, Comrade Atiku reduced the demand from N50 million to N25 million and repeated that the company could set it up as annuity for the children to draw from as they grow older.

With both parties unable to reach a consensus, the meeting reached a deadlock.

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