Gov Abiodun under fire for supporting fuel price increase

Nigerians have come hard on Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State for declaring support for the increase in the pump price of petrol.

Dapo Abiodun, after he met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock Villa on Thursday said there was no way petrol will remain at the same price if there is a rise in the price of crude oil.

The Governor’s comment was coming at a time Nigerians are berating the Federal Government for increasing the pump price of fuel.

According to Abiodun, the masses want to enjoy lower prices when the prices of crude are low, but they do no want to pay for what he called a “slight increase” when there is an increase in price of crude oil.

The Ogun State Governor believes that the price of crude oil is directly proportional to the price of refined products.

In their reactions, Nigerians berated Abiodun for taking such position at a time like this, when the masses are languishing in abject poverty, especially after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nigerians, on the social media, said Abiodun will support the increase because he is not buying anything with his money, saying everything he needs is being supplied with taxpayers’ money.

In the same vein, some individuals were of the opinion that Abiodun was in support of the increase in the pump price of petrol because he is into oil and gas

Here are some of their reactions:

Agama Elohor: “I know that you are into oil and gas so I don’t expect you to speak the contrary. Look at the state you are governing with the myriads of challenges and bad roads but suddenly you have found your mojo when it comes these wicked and clueless increment. By the World Most Clueless government.”

Klin Main: “He eats from the table,so table manner is being observed,at least he doesn’t buy it, it’s budgeted from the money meant for the masses. Evil people in power.”

Franklin Meticulous: “Does he buy and pay for electricity? He wouldn’t know how it pinches.”
Olaide Abiodun: “I am highly disappointed in you sir, when the price was high what did government do with the excess of the crude oil price.”

Wealth Enegbe: “Why will u not support it, u have d people tax to buy,and state allocation to buy too. Ur children are all schooling abroad so what else,Good will judge all of you.”

Babatunde Adekanbi: “You supported the increment in price of essential services but you couldn’t support the prompt payment of new minimum wages.”

Jerry Sheyman: “Tomorrow he will say he is working for the betterment of his citizens. Anyway, they are not using their easy earn money to buy it… am not surprised.”

Adegbite I.D: “Why won’t you support increase in pump price afterall you the owner of heyden petroleum. Time to make more money for yourself.”

Bright Ovo: “If he actually came to office by the vote of the poor people that would be most affected by this price hike, he wouldn’t open his mouth to make this kind of comment coz his brain will inform him that same people can still vote you.”

Ayodeji Adesina: “The Ogun Governor must support the fuel price hike because he’s the owner of Heyden filling stations across the country. We only have selfish leaders and must be all dethroned because they’re all anti-people.”

Blessing Olowodun: “When you don’t buy any of all this and you stand to gain in all of this why won’t you make such statement,all these increment tell only one d majority who put you there as a governor thinking you have thier interest at heart.amidst this time of pandemic, is this the right time for an increase such as this? We have not finished coping with the increment in necessities such as food, now you have added fuel to it, which invariably affected everything. God will surely see us through but we will not be quiet!”

Oluwadamilare Ayobami: “Why won’t he support, When he is a stakeholder in the downstream sector? Rubbish!”

Gbenga Olaniyan: “He’s one of the problems of Nigeria. He made a lot of his money from fuel importation so I’m not suprised at such statement. They are the enemies of working refineries in Nigeria.”

Jesujemidagba: “He is not active unlike other governors. Look at his mates like Seyi makinde, Sanwo olu..they have been so active during the time of hardship. He is there supporting evil. He won’t get second term in that office in Abeokuta.”

Moshood Adeyemo: “The CEO of Heyden Petroleum is in support of price increase. God have mercy on our poor children.

Mike Adrian: Does he have a choice, he is a rubber-stamp like his counterpart in the Mega city of Lagos.”

Adeyemi Calebs: “You make money directly through Heyden filling station and indirectly from excess crude oil account. Selfish people.”

Samie Samie: “He will support, after all he’s not buying petrol or pay electric bill with his money.”

Godwin Dele: “Just that you don’t buy fuel or pay NEPA bills, government do everything for you. My governor please remember some people never eat since morning. You are the enemy of the poor while they are ones who voted you. Pls fear God!”

Adedeji Rotimi Taiwo: “He has a filling station, so I won’t mind him. He owns Heyden filling station.. He must support for his business to move.”

Ade Adeyemi: “He is into oil and gas and he has many filling stations across the South west if not throughout Nigeria, so what do you expect?”

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