CAMA: Cleric predicts tougher times ahead for Nigerians

A cleric, Sam Olu Alo, who is the Planter of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain, Ajah, Ogombo, Lagos State, has urged all Christians in Nigeria, particularly leaders of churches, to be united and prayerful against what he described as very trying times ahead for all Christians in the country.

He said only unity and fervent prayers would save the church from the persecution it would face in the next few years.Speaking on Monday during an empowerment programme of the church, Alo, who decried that there is palpable disunity among the body of the church in Nigeria to the effect that leaders of various denominations do not speak and act as one, warned that such unwholesome development portends danger for the church.

He said: “This is not the time for the Church to be divided but a time to be united so as to be strong enough for the battle. The battle is not a physical one but spiritual. The enemy has waged war spiritually and they want that to manifest in the physical. The Bible has assured that our weapons of warfare are not carnal but are mighty to pull down the strongholds of the enemy. Our fathers in the Lord in this country must unite and let us jointly pray against the enemies.

“Four years ago, the Lord had revealed to me that we must be united and pray against this war. That we should ask for mercy so that the church would not be in danger. But then, the message didn’t reach them up there, but I want to advise that our leaders in the Christendom in Nigeria should unite and pray urgently because the plan of the enemy ones against the church in Nigeria particularly is very serious.

“If care is not taken, there are terrible things to happen to the church in Nigeria in the next three to four years. I do not want to bring huge fear on the people by revealing the terrible things they have planned against the church but let me strongly warn that it is dangerous if we fail to pray against this conspiracy against the church. Those against the church have perfected plans to deal with the church.”

Alo, who had also warned against the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic last January, advised against violence and electoral malpractices in the coming Ondo and Edo governorship polls, saying: ”

“My advice for Ondo people is to vote according to their conscience not based on money. If they vote with their conscience, they will reap it eventually, although it may take up to four years. If they fail to vote with their conscience, and collect money for votes, they will suffer it for the next four years. Unfortunately, Nigerians do not like to suffer; they want the immediate benefits that vote buying gives.

“If you get killed in Edo elections, the man destined to be next Governor will be. After six months they won’t remember anyone who gets killed. And it is your family that will suffer from your untimely death. So, do not join anyone to bring violence on the state because of elections. The Lord has revealed that the next governor of the state will get it by His grace. The Lord has revealed the next governor of the state and his deputy and He says He wants them to get there by His grace and also warns that should they fail to fulfill God’s will for the state through their government, He would overthrow their government,” he said.

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