AWWWW! Regina Daniels Breaks Down In Tears The Moment Her Stepdaughter Calls Her 'Mummy' [SEE VIDEO]

Nollywood actress and new mum, Regina Daniels broke down in tears after her stepdaughter, Naya’ called her mummy for the first time.

In the latest episode of Regina Daniels ‘Our Circle’ show on Youtube, billionaire businessman and lawyer, Ned Nwoko took all his wives and children on a shopping spree and an emotional scene played out.

Naya Nwoko, daughter of Ned Nwoko and his Moroccan wife, Laila Charani referred to Regina Daniels as ‘mummy’ after she insisted she was not going into her mum’s house but wanted to stay with Regina Daniels. Watch the video below;

Regina Daniels recently explained to us what it felt like being married to the 59-year-old. She said:

I feel free. I can do whatever I want, dress how I like, live my life the way I want to. My husband is always pushing me to be a better person. He wants me to be more exposed and see the world in a different way. As a matter of fact, there are many things I enjoy about the marriage that I cannot explain.

Meanwhile, Regina Daniels and her husband’s Moroccan wife, Laila Charani have demonstrated selfless love for eachother countless times although one may think Regina came to take away Ned Nwoko’s attention from her.

The two women who are both mothers see each other as sisters, arguably, they are not rivals at least based on past events of the two encountering each other at different times. You would recall that, about a month, Laila and her mum cooked delicious Moroccan food for Regina Daniels, Ned Nwoko, and all his children.

Regina Daniels, after eating food praised the food as she described it as the sweetest delicacy she has ever eaten.

Also, few weeks back, Laila took to her Instagram page to recommend Regina Daniels ‘documentary reality show ‘Our Circle’ which airs on Youtube to her followers to watch and also subscribe to her channel.

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