TRUE LOVING! I Married My Husband 13 Years Ago Despite Having 2 Kids Before We Met – Omolara Ademola


Omolara Ademola is the beautiful wife of Authentic as Muyiwa is fondly called by fans. She is a businesswoman. She met Muyiwa exactly 13 years ago in Abeokuta through her friend’s friend who linked them up before love set in.

They got married 9 years ago and the union is blessed with wonderful kids.

In this new interview with Yoruba Gist, the actress spoke on how she met her husband 13 years ago and what has been sustaining the marriage since she got married 9 years ago among other interesting issues you can’t afford to miss about her. She also opened on the viral reports that she fought with actress Mosun Filani over him.

How did your love story with Muyiwa start?

We met 13 years ago, and we became husband and wife 4 years after. It has been nice and wonderful though it hasn’t been easy, we give glory to God almighty that has been seeing us through and protecting the union. We met in Abeokuta under the rock.

How did it happen?

I got to know him through a friend’s friend who introduced me to him, and we started talking from there. It was a love at first sight.

What was the side attraction?

I can’t really say but I know I love him and likewise him also.

How do you cope with marrying a busy actor like him?

It’s being God. It has not been easy. It takes only the grace of God to be successful in the marriage. He is always at movie locations. At times we only see each other like twice a week but we do talk a lot on the phone and that is why I said it hasn’t been easy. We do the talking on the phone almost every day. We talk from time to time.

What would you say has been sustaining the marriage in the last 9 years?

Like I said earlier, it’s hasn’t been easy, but I thank God. It takes a lot of patience, trust because I trust my husband so much. I really trust him more than anybody. If he is not working, common my baby will be at home chilling with his God-given family. He is not the type who parties, drink nor smoking.

When he asked you out, were you initially aware that he has a set of twins out of wedlock?

Yes. He told me that, but he wasn’t married to anybody before me at all. He had the twin’s way back before I met him. Though when he asked me out, I was like no you had a set of twins already, what would I be doing with you which I didn’t know? He said he had the twins out of wedlock, one thing led to another and we got married.

I learnt the twins have been living with you since when they were 7-year-old, how did you do it that there was never a problem in the house nurturing 2 kids from another woman?

All I have to say is to keep thanking God, it hasn’t been easy like I said earlier but I am able to cope. You know kids can be very naughty at times. God has really been seeing me through all these whiles. They are now 18 years and we are still staying together.

What do you mean by kids can be naughty at times?

What I mean is that sometimes they will feel like why is it not our mum living with our dad and when I met my husband, he wasn’t dating anybody, so what I do most times when they want to be naughty is to call them and talk to them like a mother to her children and I think they understand better when I talk to them.

Personally, how do you feel when they act to you in a naughty way?

I don’t feel anything because I see them as kids, and it is normal.

What came to your mind that moment he told you that he has a set of twins?

I knew I was going to have mine. He told me it wasn’t intentional, and it is not new that a man mistakenly has kids out of wedlock. I just asked my self is it normal? Would I be able to cope? And I think I love him, and the love superseded everything.

What really convinced you to fall in love with an actor?

He is a gentle type and God-fearing man and it is a long-time prayer that I should locate a God-fearing man if I want to marry. So, I saw it all in him all the quality I wanted in my man.

How do you react to the rumour in the media that you and Mosun Filani fought because of him?

Well, people carry rumour either it is real or not, but I know what my man can do or not. For the kind of job, he does, I cannot stop people around him especially women because that is what his job entails. I never fought Mosun Filani neither do I poured acid on her like it was written, they are all rumours.

How did you react to the news when you saw it?

I saw the report and ignored because I am not a noisy type and you know the way how Nigerian papers reports. No doubt in the fact that they both worked together, and I can recall sometimes ago when it was written that she has moved to Ibadan because of Muyiwa but my husband is not that kind of person. At times I do pay him a visit at locations even without telling him that I am coming and if I want to see him, he will probably be on set.

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