Stop Saying “Good Morning” When Someone Tells You “Good Morning”. It Is Wrong. Say This Instead


I am back again to give you something better.

Like I always say, English Language is worth learning every day in order to perfect it.

As a mater of fact, to understand any language very well constant practice is needed. Have you ever wondered why the westerners include English in their curriculum even though they are very good at it?

They just want to be better.

In this article, I want to address a popular way some of us greet in our society today.

What happens when someone greets by saying “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or “Good Evening”? Well, a high number of people reply with the same phrase. I have been doing that for a while until I learnt a great way of replying to these greetings from my white friends online.

“Good morning” is like wishing someone well. When someone uses those words, they are telling you to have a beautiful morning. You have to appreciate them for saying something that nice to you. Say “Thank you”. Then you can wish them a good morning after that.

Always reply with “thank you” when someone says “good morning”. This will make them know how much you value their greeting. You can add a little beauty to that reply by saying “thank you, dear”.

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