School Resumption Update: All Federal and State University Students Should Take Note of This

 Many students have relaxed and consider themselves fortunate that school will no longer be reopened this year, well you may be right as no current date for school resumption has been announced recently. The closure of schools and universities was due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic that has posed threat to the lives of human beings not only in Nigeria or West Africa but also to the world at large.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has assured Nigerian students that very school everything will return to normal and schools will be reopened in due cause. The last meeting held on Monday concerning the reopening of schools is an indication that very soon all students will be returning to their various levels before the pandemic begone.

Now given school Resumption, all students of various federal and state universities should take note of this important news;

1. The Date for the Reopening of Schools Nationwide has not yet been disclosed to the general public, so debunk any information regarding the reopening of schools.

2. All students in various Federal and State universities should know that once school is reopened, what follows next is examination so the need for preparations should not be neglected.

3. Aspiring students of various federal and state universities should always keep in touch on the information that regards their various schools of choice.

4. Post Utme and Screening Exercise had not yet begun, debunk information concerning payment of post Utme and Screening fees.

5. Avoid Scammers at this point especially for those who are preparing for Post Utme, kindly make sure that all your various payments are done in the Bank and not to anyone’s account.

We hope and believe that The appropriate resumption date for schools will be released to us this coming month of September

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