Four Secrets To Make Him Want You More


Imagine having Mr Perfect getting swooned and totally attracted to you. It is truly a wonderful feeling to love and be loved by the one you’ve chosen. It can literally brighten your world and make your skin glow.

Now imagine him confessing that he wants you in his future and is working to make sure you stay.

Ask every woman you know and she’d tell you exactly how she wants to be loved and the kind of man she would want to do it (that is, if there isn’t one on ground already.)

A lot of us have studied books and articles on how Queen Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe held the attention of men. But ah, if only it was by reading books! One thing is clear, a lot of women don’t know how to.

And this is where I am here to help!

This article will reveal the timeless secrets of seduction that sirens have used to break hearts, heal them and turn dreaded kings and tyrants to jelly in their hands, across the ages. And you’re getting it for free too.

And secret number one is…

Make him feel wanted

Yes, you read right! Make him feel desired. Show him you want him. Find out his love languages, and speak to him in them till his brain is all pap and nothing more. Don’t go hard to get on him till he begins to totally doubt you’re even to him. Leave a clue! Make him earn his “want”, yes, but go gentle on him. Gentle here could mean delayed satisfaction by getting him to work on something or simply telling him he looks hot in that new or clean sweatshirt… then not giving him any signs for a while.


Tease Him

There is a reason why Wizkid titled a song Tease Me. For emphasis sake, he mentioned it four times every time the chorus came on. Men love suspense because of the thrill of it. Tease him with variety and your secret seductive weapon and he will NEVER look away. Did I say Never? NEVER.

Pondering on your secret weapon already?

Get him to open up about his fantasies. Then use that knowledge. Let him know discreetly (and discreetly is the name of the game here) that you are the kind of girl that could definitely make those fantasies come to life.


Pay Attention

Ask your girlfriends about one of the qualities of a man they’d forever find attractive and you’d generally find they’d include that he must be a man that listens.

Men feel the same way in this. So be that girl: show him you were paying attention to him by making a mental note of what the most important things he just said. Ask him questions related to what he just said and he’d be grateful same way a woman would.

Grow with him

Now, we know that the world is changing and really no one wants their daughter to stay with a man who might not even have prospects, only empty promises. No, nobody wants that.

It is important to know that a man who loves you may want you too to be a better person. You can show him that you care by understanding and growing with him during his growth evolution.

How to ease up the process? Pick up a new habit or something you can learn. It will keep him intrigued and retain an air of mystery that will stimulate him to work harder towards a better future. A future with you in it.

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