BBNaija 2020: Organisers asked to return old voting process as Kaisha is evicted

 Organisers of the Big Brother Naija, BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ edition, have come under attack over the eviction of housemate Kaisha on Sunday from the reality show.

Kaisha was evicted by the housemates after she appeared among the bottom four voted by the public last week.

With the new voting process, the housemates were told to choose two housemates to be evicted, which had Kaisha out of the house despite being on top of the bottom four with viewers votes at 3.89% unlike Neo, Trikytee and Wathoni.

This did not go down well with Kaisha’s fans who took to their social media pages pouring out their grievances, as they called on organisers of BBNaija to bring back the old voting process.

However, few others were in support of the voting system.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@GraceUdoo “ Biggie is doing us Nigerian election style. BBN is the only place we trusted our votes don’t disappoint us.Bring back voting process.”

@Collabo_kings “I am still processing Kaisha’s exit. I loved seeing that girl in the house. Biggie and the house mates did her dirty.”

@Lucki_charm “ You all keep shouting for big brother to bring back old voting process, but none of you considered the fact that Lilo too was the highest but still left, the girl was even more active than Kaisha. smh.”

@IamPasqual “ With this elimination process, someone with 0 votes can even survive eviction, while someone whose fans voted for will leave. Bring back voting process.”

@PaulineWadrica “ So Neo is safe because he’s loved by his fellow housemates? Kaisha had the highest votes of the bottom four so unfair. Bring back voting process.”

@Sammy_mmr “ It’s simple, if you vote for your favorite housemates well enough then they wouldn’t fall in the bottom four. That’s what ur vote is about, keep ur favs above the bottom four. Else, it’s out of your hands. I don’t see no injustice in it. Just rules and so far it’s been fun and suspense filled.”

@Kelgrin99 “ Housemates nominate who leaves out of jealousy and hatred but fans vote out of love

If you want to stop housemate with bad behavior in BBN then do a thorough screening process b4 bringing Dem to the house. Of what use voting? Bring back voting process.”

@Seo9ja “Kaisha’s fans voted her thats why she had more votes than Neo that is still chilling in the house. The housemates shouldn’t have the final say, we the viewers should. It’s that simple.”

@Kingston_davvy “ They should bring back old voting process, this method is annoying and discouraging, this is a game, the best player should win. Bring back old voting process.”

@Khanyikk “I prefer the current voting system! The viewers save you from being in the bottom 4 after that the decision is left with your homies to save u. Its not Biggie’s fault that most of the housemates don’t have a strong fan base. Most of them to be are boring as fu*k.”

@Alvinuzor “I said this before and I’m still saying it again . It is unfair for BBNaija to tell viewers to vote for their favorites in the house and then housemates decides who leaves or stays, it is robbery. It happened to Lilo and now Kaisha. “

@Maximum “ If this was how they voted last season, Tacha would have been the very first to leave the house. Most of her housemates didn’t like her but because of her dogged fans, she lasted very long until Biggie unilaterally removed her. Please bring back old voting process.”

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