10 Businesses To Do To Make 50,000 Naira In Two Weeks With Just 10,000 Naira

 Have you been wasting your little money checking out that dream job? have you ever been wasting your limited financial resources for endless interviews? please, waste no more, there are jobs you’ll do this are often very profitable to you, we’ve compiled an inventory of job that you simply can start with 10,000 naira, and if you set your strategy well, you’ll achieve a profit of fifty ,000 naira in 2 weeks. we’ve ranked these businesses from 10 to favorite , they need been ranked consistent with their risk, profit potential, close monitoring and convenience, they are:

10) call center : if you’ve got a really good location, you’ll make 50,000 in fortnight making phone calls, all you would like may be a good location, the trick here is that you simply are trying to find potential customers meaning you’ll need to look for not only a busy location, but at a location your services are much needed, if you’re taking your business to a marketplace for instance, you’ll not make the maximum amount as you’d if you’re taking your business to a serious bus-top, they’re both busy (fine) but there are more potential customers at the bus-top than at the market, also, the profit is cool as you’ll structure to 10 naira on each 1 minute of a call, be wise and you’ll end up smiling to the bank in 2 weeks with about 50,000 or more…this business however, has been placed on the 10th position thanks to its high uncertainty and risk, also the speed of competition might be very discouraging (if you’ve got large customers today, make certain there would be other call centers competing on the brink of your location tomorrow)

9) Buying and selling of CDs : there’s an enormous prospective take advantage of this business and you’ll certainly be smiling home with an enormous profit if done well, you’ll get a cd at the market (Alaba) for like N80 and you’ll sell a cd for like N150 naira, this is often on the brink of a one hundred pc profit, with ten thousand naira you’ll take over to 100 cds for N8000, if you initiate an aggressive selling approach, you’ll find yourself going back to the market to get more, by selling 100 CDs, you’ll structure to 7000 profit in 2 days, and 50000 in 2 weeks.the locaion may be a major thing and you furthermore may need to monitor the business closely, and therefore the risk related to location has made it to be ranked 9th on our list

8 )Pure water sales: this is often an untapped resource for business minded people, though local, it’s profit potentials, a bag of pure water costs 55 naira from the supplier, and it contains 20 satchets, you’ll be making up to N145 on each bag and if 11 bags choose 600 naira, 110 bags goes for N6000, you’ll structure to N16000 profit in 3 days, and quite N50,000 in 2 weeks, but the inconvenience is extremely high as you’ll be wanting to attend busy places before you’ll make sales, its riss is additionally high as you’ll need to be during a compromised manner mostly.

7) Phone accessories: you’ll invest your 10,000 naira on phone accessories like earpiece, chargers, etc, you’ll make certain to be smiling home with profit. chargers costs like N120 and it’s being sold for like 250-300 naira so you’ll structure to 110-160 naira on each charger sold, this suggests huge profit, you simply got to find an honest location and obtain yourself a wooden board, then you’re on your thanks to making profits. the situation has got to be a busy location, and it’s high risk of operating, that’s why it’s been ranked 7th

6)Fairly used cloths : you’ll buy fairly used cloths and sell at a busy location, from research we made we discovered that you simply can structure to N17000,-N18000, you’ll structure to 50000-60000 naira in 2 weeks.location is that the name of the sport here. the danger may be a major disadvantage as you’re expected to be a ta busy location, also you’ve got to be closely monitoring the business because the business will need your presence

5) Plantain chips : making plantain chips may be a very profitable business, especially during a busy location, all you would like is oil , stove and kerosene! if this business is completed alright you’ll be assure that you simply are going to be going home with an enormous profit, this business is extremely convenient and also there’s minor risk, as you’ll do that business reception and at a location almost you, with as low as 10,000 naira you’ll start u this business and make quite 50,000 naira during a week!

4) Kerosene sales: you’ll make much take advantage of the sales of kerosene, all you’ve got to try to to is attend a filing station that’s very on the brink of you, buy your kerosene (like 50 liters at 120/liters) and sell domestically at 150/liter, you create up to 30 naira on each liter, some might buy many liters directly . the trick here is that you simply get an honest domesticated location where you’ll make the utmost use of the situation and you’ll enjoy convenience and at little risk too.

3) Food vendor : you’ll sell nutriment at busy locations, food may be a necessity so customers guaranteed, all you would like is buy noodles, eggs, and have a daily supplier of bread, you ought to also include tea on your menu, get a pleasant location and you’ll be making cool bucks everyday,indomie (super pack) goes for N50 within the market, and you’ll be selling your cooked indomie for 100/1, with operating expense (cost of kerosene,pepper,etc) approximated at N15 per each noodles, that suggests you’ll be making up to N35 per each noodles, an adult will eat from 2 noodles upwards,means you’ll be making up to N70 per each customer, keep that up and you’ll be making up to N4000 per day…easy!!!

2) Tie and Dye : this business is an untapped,profitable business in Nigeria, it requires you to urge a white fabric, then you rinse the material in water and soap, then you tie an end of the material with an rubber band , then tie severally leaving some spaces in between (about an inch), you’ll tie as many as you wish ,put dye and salt in boiling water, then soak the material , you’ve got yourself a stunning material (popularly referred to as adire among-st the yorubas), you’ll get white fabric for like N200 per yard,get for -5 yard piece (which costs like N1200) buy dye (like N250), your total cost will amount to (approximately) N1500, you would possibly be ready to sell the fabric for N2500 and make cool N1000 for every of the fabric you sell.

1) you guys are really gonna be surprised at our number

1 , PALM OIL!!! you’ll make easy money from vegetable oil business at a really low price too, all you would like is to possess an honest source (ebonyi state has the most cost effective vegetable oil in Nigeria)get a wooden table, and you’ll make certain to be quite rich during a moment ,if you invest N10,000 in vegetable oil you’ll make certain of getting 70,000 in but 2 weeks (from our research) all you would like may be a good location. and in fact , an honest source (which we discovered is east or ondo state, but ebonyi state boast of the most cost effective ,finest palm oil) and you’re on your thanks to riches, start small grow big, there you’ve got it!!

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