STUNNER!!! Dem Say Dis Giant Snake Turn To Rock Because Of Curse

Di place wey dis thing dey na Thailand and dem know di place as  Naga cave because of him creepy look. E looks exactly like  head and body of a giant snake. 

di body of di cave looks like e get scales ontop and di elongated part clearly looks like  snake head

Dem say na part of newly discovered cave wey dey for Bueng Khong Long, Thailand. Di locals name am  “naga cave”. 

Di word Naga in Sanskirt language means snake or serpent.

For  Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, di Naga or Nagi dey divine, semi-divine deities, or  semi-divine race of half-human half-serpent beings wey occasionally take human form. 



Meanwhile, to stop di spread of coronavirus for Kano, di State Government on Wednesday suspend all traditional festivities for di forthcoming  celebration.

Di gathering for Hawan Daushe - di paying of visit on di Governor by Emirs and massing of Emirs at Shettima House, among other traditional outings by di Emirates don dey suspended.

Commissioner for Information, Muhammad Garba, tell reporters say di decision na part of government’s efforts to consolidate on di successes wey dem don achieve as regards di fight against Covid-9.

Eid-el-Kabir na di  holiest festival for Muslims’ to honour di willingness  of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice him son, Isma’il as an act of submission to God’s command, before God stopped am and inform am say no need. Him  sacrifice don do.

Garba say di suspension of di Sallah’s festivities  na after serious discussion by members of di State Executive Council (SEC).

He said di Excos however grant dem to conduct Eid-de-Kabir congregational prayers across di state under strict observance of social distancing and other COVID-19 safety orders for praying grounds.

He announce say di State Government go assist to provide safety materials, such as face masks and hand sanitisers.

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