COVID-19: Reopen churches or face God’s wrath – Angry cleric warns govt

An enraged cleric, Evangelist Kehinde Emmanuel Ola of the Christian Youth Evangelistic Ministry, Mountain Golgotha, Trinity Village, Effon Alaaye-Ekiti, Ekiti State. has warned that the government at all levels should reopen the churches, so as to prevent God’s wrath.

He alleged that the government hasn’t been sincere with Nigerians on the issue of Covid-19 and declared that he doesn’t believe the pandemic exists in Nigeria.

Evangelist Ola, who challenged the government to showcase any patient of Covid-19 in Nigeria, boasted that he would visit such a patient and pray for their healing.

Ola also lambasted the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government for borrowing too heavily, therefore, committing Nigeria to huge debt that “would subject the nation to perpetual servitude to lending nations of the West”.

The cleric also frowned at what he alleged to be conspiratorial silence from some big men of God in the country whom he referred to as God’s generals.

He said they decided to keep mum in the face of alleged victimisation of churches.

He singled out Pastor David Oyedepo and Apostle Suleiman for being outspoken on the clamour for reopening of churches.

“Let me warn various governments at all levels in this country that it is high time the churches are reopened. Should our government turn deaf ears to this warning, God will visit His judgement on them.

“I do not believe there is Covidi19 in Nigeria, rather I want to believe that our leaders are not being sincere with the issue. I challenge anyone who claims there are victims of Covid-19 in Nigeria to call me and tell me where they are, I will personally go to such places and pray for healing for such patients and God will heal them. But it appears to me that the government is merely playing hide and seek with the issue of Covid-19 because we haven’t seen any patient of the disease shown to us in this country.

“The huge borrowing by our government is another matter that calls for serious concern. Our government seems to be putting us in the bondage of the West and make us subservient to them forever.

“We know about past leaders such as Obasanjo and Yar’Adua who paid our debts and didn’t incur more debts for us. Even Jonathan did fairly well.

“Our generals of God are keeping mum and we wonder why they are doing so. Yet, these are God’s men who the leaders listen to but they wouldn’t talk. It has been only Pastor David Oyedepo and Suleiman who have been daring to speak truth to power.

“I want to warn leaders who are playing games with Covid-19 and the destinies of Nigerians to beware because God’s wrath will be too heavy for them to bear. My fervent prayer is that God will very soon destroy satanic government in Nigeria,” he said.

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